Like all great ideas, it started with beer.

In 2018, Nicole Turchin & Kurtis Karn launched their first Purpose FunShop. They were tired of the same-old, same-old when it came to employee development programming and knew there had to be a different way. They simply couldn’t sit through one…more…snoozeville…workshop – and they didn’t want anyone else to have to do it, either.

With the successful launch of their first FunShop where they committed to colliding learning and fun, these friends were enjoying a few beers together one night and decided one FunShop wasn’t enough. They wanted to do more.

So began their mission of taking life’s serious topics and twisting them into leadership programming that’s fun, high energy, and all about being real. This duo tackles topics all humans face from appreciation to active listening to influence and self-care. In 2019, they formed an employee experience company called Sunshine & 79 (Why the name you ask? Well, because it makes for a GREAT day!) dedicated to helping organizations and companies who wanted to give their people a learning experience that wasn’t going to put them to sleep.

In 2020, the excitement elevated. Sunshine & 79 became a part of BNG Team, a Fargo-based company with a commitment to creating a positive company culture, developing awesome humans, and approaching life with happiness and an attitude of gratitude! It’s a match made in heaven and through shared values and goals, Inspire was created.

Inspire is about more than developing leaders. It’s about investing in human beings. Inspire has morphed into programming tailored to the individuals, teams, and entire organizations. Led now by Nicole Turchin who serves as BNG Team’s Director of Inspiration, Inspire is about connection, achievement, changing lives, and learning through laughter.

If you’re ready to kick boring to the curb, let’s Inspire together!