Self-care, Schmelf-care

I call it taking care of myself and chasing my dreams. Others call it a nap.

How do you define self-care? For some people, it’s a nice long bath and for others it means curling up with a good book. For some of us (we won’t name names), it means snuggling up with a glass – who are we kidding? A bottle – of wine and telling ourselves everything is going to be ok.

However you choose to define self-care, there’s a few things we know. None of us are perfect at it and most employees, when they don’t take proper care of themselves, can’t help but bring lingering impacts to the office. When we don’t take the time to take care of ourselves, we turn into bat-shit crazy psychos who fly off the handle because TOM DIDN’T BRING ANYTHING TO THE OFFICE POTLUCK (AGAIN) BUT HE SURE DOESN’T HAVE A PROBLEM EATING EVERYTHING IN SIGHT!

Let’s be real. Forgetting about our self-care isn’t a good look for any of us. When we don’t feel rejuvenated, refreshed, and relaxed, we tend to complain more, suck others into our web of wah-wah’ing, and bring down our workplace faster than a goldfish being flushed down the toilet.

There’s good news! The art of self-care can be learned! And as an organization, there are things you can do to encourage and support it! Schedule this FunShop for your people where they’ll learn the science behind self-care (we make this fun, we promise!), who owns self-care (hint: self-care contains the word self), atypical approaches to self-care (it’s not complicated!), and how to make a commitment to care (it’s all about you and others)!

Let’s get to rockin’ and rollin’ when it comes to treatin’ ourselves to the sweet self-lovin’ we deserve!

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BNG Inspire FunShop Participant