My Ideas are Good, Dammit!

We’ve all worked with the twitaholic who has the best ideas and doesn’t let us forget it. Please don’t be the twitaholic.

The art of influence is a tricky little bugger. Defined by Merriam Webster, influence is “the power or capacity of causing an effect in indirect or intangible ways.”

That’s a little snoozeville, don’t you think?

At BNG Inspire, we believe influence is about more than power, more than causing an effect, and more than being indirect. We believe influence brings others along, WILDLY and EXCITEDLY, and when expressed with authenticity and genuine care, brings organizations and people together – elevating both into atmospheres of awesomeness!

This FunShop isn’t about a buzzword. It’s about joining together in discussion, laughter, and undoubtedly some awkwardness as we share learnings and understandings of how influence has failed miserably and succeeded outrageously, and how your teams can utilize the power of influence in their personal and professional life!

“If your organization needs a down-to-earth culture boost, I highly recommend working with BNG Inspire!”

BNG Inspire FunShop Participant