Got Purpose?

Purpose can be scary as hell but it doesn’t have to be.

If you take a moment to Google, “What’s my purpose?” you’ll get a whole lot of “10 Tips to Finding your Purpose” and “5 Steps to Finding your Life Purpose.” At BNG Inspire, we take an unconventional approach in our Got Purpose? FunShop and it doesn’t involve the 5 steps of finding anything.

During this engaging FunShop, Nicole & Kurtis share how purpose can be ever-changing and ever-evolving, and how purpose can be professional, personal or both. Your team will also take a more lighthearted approach to finding their reason for getting up in the morning through a series of activities designed to get us thinking differently about our passions.

There won’t be any purpose statement writing (those don’t jive with us) but there will be a ton of dialogue and laughter designed to get you excited about why you’re on this Earth!

“I’ve attended two of BNG Inspire’s FunShops and they were both phenomenal. They were high-energy, entertaining, and full of laughs, all while sharing valuable information that I’ve infused in my work and personal life. I highly recommend them for ANY organization wanting to give their people an engaging experience they won’t soon forget.”

BNG Inspire FunShop Participant