Crazy Little Thing Called Love

It’s not rocket science. It’s love. And if you let it, it will transform your workplace!

We know what the research tells us. People who feel loved in the workplace are dramatically more engaged, display significantly higher levels of optimism, see increased advancement and opportunity, and feel more fulfilled in their professional and personal lives.

We know this! So why is it so hard to tackle the “L word” in our professional lives? Probably because when people hear the word “love” and “office” in the same sentence, there’s a huge fear that a member of your human resources team is around the corner waiting to pounce and schedule a meeting to discuss appropriate versus inappropriate behaviors in the workplace (when did human resources get such a bad rap, anyway?).

During this FunShop, Kurtis & Nicole share how your organization can benefit from the practice of companionate love in the workplace by highlighting ways leaders can show love to employees, how employees can share love with one another, and how your organization can support activities filled with love every day! We just friggin’ love, love!

“Not only do Nicole & Kurtis have a great chemistry that keeps their audience engaged, they bring an original and refreshingly fun perspective to topics that will give you the tools and make you want to go above and beyond as an employee, team player and human being.”

BNG Inspire FunShop Participant