At Inspire, we’ve done all sorts of employee experience sessions. If you’re considering hiring us, here’s a few things you should know.

  • Our FunShops are 90 minutes, 1/2 day or a full day – we’ve also done shorter and longer. We have pre-built FunShops and we do customized programming!
  • We aren’t suit and tie consultants. We’re real people who use humor and storytelling to help others. We have funky hair and tattoos so if that isn’t your jam, we’re probably not your people.
  • Our sessions are interactive. This means there’s a high-level of participation which we believe connects people.
  • On occasion, a swear word slips out. We’re not talking the ‘f-bomb,’ but you might hear a hell yeah, dammit or a shiznit every now and then.
  • We’re all about employee experience. We want people to walk away feeling valued, invested in, and cared for. With your help, that’s possible!


What Would Bill Murray Do?

If you know anything about Bill Murray, you know he’s a hidden gem of a role model when it comes to leadership.
He’s authentic, genuine, and a whole lotta fun!

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Got Purpose?

At BNG Inspire, we love to take big, scary, intimidating words like purpose and make them a little bit more approachable. Let’s get together and think collaboratively about why we were put on this planet!

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Self-Care, Schmelf-Care

The self-care word is all the rage these days. The big question is, if we’re constantly hearing about it, why do our lives seem to feel like a revolving shit show? We’re excited to get down to business and have some fun on focusing on number one!

A FunShop for everyone who sucks at putting themselves first! Woo who!


You Suck at Appreciating Me

It’s all one joyous gratitude fest. Or is it?

If you can do better here (and we can ALL do better here), let’s swap some ideas, learn some secrets, and help retain talent that really wants only one thing.

Your eternal gratefulness.

Is that too much to ask?

*Your talent also wants money. We’ll talk about that, too.

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