Friends – what does “normal” even mean and why is everyone wishing for it? Can someone help us out because we are hella confused.

Is eating three donuts normal? Ummm – if you said “no,” give yourself a BIG pat on the back.

Is watching 12 consecutive hours of Netflix normal? We say, yes.

Is purchasing overpriced, fashionable face masks that match our outfits normal? If you haven’t done this yet, might we ask what you’re waiting for?

Is my now daily Amazon Prime delivery normal? We see you – stop judging.

If you ask us, normal isn’t anything worth racing toward. And when we hear “the new normal” it might simply imply us going back to an updated version of boring. Is that really what we want?

Instead of embracing normal, let’s run from it. Let’s stop wishing for an ambiguous existence. Let’s use this time (and every minute moving forward) to get weird. Let’s flourish in new ideas, the crazy thoughts, our ability to stand out or the opportunity we have to sit in.

Let’s say goodbye to the old normal, the current normal and the new normal, and let’s say hello to shakin’ things up. This life was meant for weird.