Who the hizzle is ready for a long weekend? Can you say, all of us? And by golly, we’ve earned it!

This week was, to say the least, RAD!

We could go into all the details but since we’re all pretty much checked out right now and ready to get our cocktail on, let’s keep it simple, shall we?

Our Lean In Circle welcomed Jodee Bock to our monthly meeting and we kicked the sh!t out of the topic of limiting beliefs. What’s a limiting belief you might ask? Well, if you wanna get a little deep, check out this article from Wharton Magazine.

If you want the quick and dirty, a limiting belief is a belief we have about ourselves that limits us – fairly self-explanatory, eh? For example, if you had a teacher tell you you’d never amount to anything, guess what? That belief might subconsciously or even consciously hold you back from achieving your awesome dreams!

We’re here to tell you to kick those limiting beliefs to the GD curb! You look those limiting beliefs in their invisible little beady eyes and you say, “Not today, limiting beliefs…not today!” And then you go out and you rock your world.

Okay, in theory if it were that easy, we’d all be running marathons, becoming astrophysicists, and creating meals worthy of the cover of Gourmet magazine. We know it’s not, but we also know that if we take time to identify what’s holding us back, it’s a helluva lot easier to start making progress. So…start somewhere:

  • Pick a limiting belief you have!
  • Identify when it’s rearing its ugly head!
  • Hit it head on!
  • Repeat!

Coincidentally enough, BNG’s Book Club book this month is Everything is Figureoutable by Marie Forleo and it in, Marie also talks about limiting beliefs. Talk about the Universe sending us all a loud and clear message! BAM!

So, to wrap it up, take time this weekend to grill, spend time with friends and family (6 feet apart, WE KNOW!), and enjoy a little sunshine. Maybe also take a little teeny moment to think about that belief you have about yourself that might be limiting you. As we officially kick-off summer, isn’t now as good of time as any to reset your internal mindset?

We think, hell yes.

Cheers to a great weekend, everyone!