Can you say, “Whoa…awesome week!”?

At Inspire, we spend a lot of time with the folks at BNG Team, working with them on achieving their personal goals and man, this week was full of people who are totes killin’ it! We’ve got people working toward financial freedom, wellness plans, connecting with family and friends, and a whole ton more of awesomeness and they are just on it! Talk about cool, eh? If you’d like to learn a little bit more about our Inspire for Individuals program and how you might infuse a little bit of it into your own organization, email us at We love hard on connecting on the topic of helping employees achieve their personal goals because well-rounded, happy employees are just the best, wouldn’t you agree?

We also got the opportunity to do a virtual FunShop on self-care for the folks at the Greater Red River Apartment Association. Of course, we took this soops serious topic and made it a whole lot more fun, and we’re excited to see the photos of people in the session practicing their self-care. We’ll share as they start rolling in! It’s all about sharing the inspiration, know what we’re sayin’? This group was one of the best – chatting away, putting out all sorts of great ideas, and inspiring us in our own lives. Talk about loving life!

And finally, we invested in ourselves this week by attending a virtual Lunch and Learn hosted by Emerging Prairie on the topic of social media. It was hosted by the ever-talented Erica from Kale Social Co and there were all sorts of helpful nuggets shared. Interested in building your knowledge toolbox? Check out Emerging Prairie events!

It was a good week, y’all! We can’t wait to see what next week brings our way but until then, we’ll enjoy the sunshine and quite likely, a few cold ones on a patio. We’ve all earned it so whatever your beverage of choice, take time to take care of yourself this weekend whether that’s gardening, reading, fishing or rollerskating – you do you! We’re not too busy for self-care (and if you think you are, it sounds like you need a little FunShop on self-care…hint, hint)!

Inspire on!