Inspired Human Development.
No Caffeine Required.

Now is the time! Stop investing in leadership development programs that don’t inspire your employees or impact your organization. Inspire offers ‘FunShops’ designed to transform human impact and happiness through engagement and fun.

Who are we and what do we do?

Every year, employers drop mega dollars trying to motivate their employees with development programs that miss the mark. People attend, tune out within the first five minutes, and leave uninspired.

Why? Because they’re boring.

We were tired of the same-old, run-of-the-mill employee development programs. We said enough of the stuffy suit-and-tie guy blabbing about engagement, and the perfectly coiffed hair woman sharing about employee training.

We said no more to the bore and snore employee development programs and created Inspire. Like you, we’re over the status quo, and we’re ready to shake things up. If you’re ready to be the hero in your organization, keep reading.

Get out of leadership development snoozeville

More organizations are recognizing the value in developing accountable and happy humans who work together to create strong cultures. However, with over half of U.S. employees reporting they are unhappy in their jobs, ummmmm – something’s not working.

Instead of throwing in the towel, maybe stop investing thousands of dollars in programs your people dread! Stop making them fall asleep and start giving them the tools they need to become invested in their personal development.

Might we suggest remembering your employees are humans and then giving them something all humans love? A little bit of fun and laughter while learning? While at work? Oh, the friggin’ possibilities!

Everyone deserves an opportunity to be their best self, and it shouldn’t be a boring, dreadful path to success. BNG Inspire is here to help give your organization and people the tools they need to see the following in your organization.

Higher accountability individuals

More cohesive and trusting teams

Stronger, more aligned organizations

Bring back the fun in fundamentals

We help individuals, teams, groups, and organizations of all sizes. See how Inspire can rock your world!


These aren’t your typical team learning and development sessions. Our speakers are engaging, a little bit crazy, seriously self-deprecating (who doesn’t love that?), and bring out participation from everyone who attends.

Get your freak and geek on and check out our full list of FunShops!

Gleadership Funstitute

We all talk about leadership but why is nobody talking about what it means to be happy in leadership? We deserve to be happy, dammit!

Check out how our four-part Gleadership Funstitute helps your organization cultivate joyful leaders!

Inspire for Individuals

Investing in people is about so much more than developing leaders in the workplace. It’s about helping people achieve their wildest goals outside of work, too!

See how you can encourage individuals in your organization to be passionate about their lives by supporting their personal goals. Happy people? Happy employees!

Keynote, Emcee, & Speaking

Looking for humor and entertainment with wicked awesome messaging? We do that, too! Most of our FunShops can be used as keynotes for your upcoming event. We also enjoy emceeing and speaking because let’s be real, it gives us a chance to meet new people and have some fun of our own! We’ll make you look good, trust us.

“Thought-provoking exercises with benefits both personally and professionally.”


“I wasn’t sure if this would be helpful, but it really was! Thanks!”

(seriously, that’s funny!)


“Eye opening and very interesting. Loved the jokes and music!”




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